Course Overview

75% of all New Product Introductions do not achieve quality, cost or delivery expectations. Only 25% of companies follow their NPI process, and 25% do not have a defined process at all. The result is significant reliance on key individuals’ skills, experience and influence to make projects work. Often, key steps are duplicated or missed and decisions are not escalated to the correct decision makers in a timely manner resulting in a highly reactive working environment with significant levels of rework and stress.

Common challenges

No existing structured NPI process

Existing NPI process:

  • not fully implemented
  • not clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • does not achieve quality, cost or delivery targets
  • implementation approach not scalable
  • no standard supporting structure (tools / templates)
  • not linked to performance measures

Expected Benefits of this Course

  • Product launch Right first time, On time In Full and at target cost
  • Improved teamwork, communication and the ability to “manage the customer”
  • Time to market – Reduced lead time to successfully launch new product

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone involved in defining, improving or implementing NPI process in an organisation. 

Topics Covered

Introduction to NPI delivering launch Excellence: Best practices with some common challenges faced in implementation

NPI process mapping: Understanding current state process flow and defining future state NPI process map to cover:

  • Key gate decision points, their purpose, evidence required and commitment level
  • The tasks that need to be completed between each decision point
  • Roles and responsibilities definition for each task
  • Standard work definition to show outputs and deliverables of task
  • An outline timing for completion of tasks

Measuring success of NPI: Defining a combination of leading and lagging indicators for NPI performance to ensure process adherence

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand NPI best practices
  • Review current state of NPI process and challenges
  • Define future state NPI process definition
  • Defining measures to succeed in NPI process implementation

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Industry ForumIndustry Forum helps major global manufacturers understand, optimise and improve both manufacturing capability and business performance.

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