Industry Forum New Product Introduction (NPI) model covers 4 key areas required for a successful new product launch

  • Stable foundations support link of organisation growth strategy to NPI
  • Industry standards cover best practice approach for NPI
  • Process pillars include skills required for successful new product launch
  • Output is product launch excellence with adapted implementation for organisation

Common challenges

  • Growth targets defined in business strategy do not link with NPI
  • Limited upfront resource and capacity planning for NPI
  • Commercial bid and product launch cost performance do not match
  • One size fits all process does adapt to different complexity of NPI
  • Erratic quality, cost and delivery performance of product launch


Over the years Industry Forum has worked with companies across the automotive, aerospace and civil nuclear sectors to help them improve their New Product Introduction (NPI) approaches to deliver Launch Excellence.

Industry Forum’s New Product Introduction and Life Cycle Management courses

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