Ensuring that you have the right processes in place across your manufacturing operations can provide significant benefits to your ability to satisfy customer demand, your ability to bring new products to market and your ability to apply improvements and new technologies to your manufacturing operations.

Whether it’s Total Productive Maintenance, Lean, Six Sigma, Problem solving and more, Industry Forum can provide you with a range of training courses to support initiatives from large manufacturing improvement programmes across a multi-site organisation to single projects in an individual plant. Industry Forum has a proven record of helping manufacturers of all sizes achieve their operational goals.

Here is a full list of our Manufacturing Operations training courses:


Course Overview  A major change in IATF 16949 is that it incorporates many best practices that were once customer specific requirements. The goal of integrating these requirements is to promote industry standardisation and streamline the number of customer-specific requirements. Standard Work is one of these newly added requirements. In section, it states that “The… Read more »

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Course overview:    Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) has been introduced as a new requirement for the automotive quality standard based on previous non-conformances noted in the areas of equipment management. This one day overview will provide you with an understanding of the role of TPM within IATF16949, the reasons for its addition to the standard… Read more »

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Daily Management

Course overview:   Delegates will become competent in understanding and implementing 5C workplace organisation techniques. The participative course is based on practical demonstrations, presentations and open forum discussion. Who should attend:    This course is designed for anyone who is interested in understanding or implementing 5C workplace organisation techniques within their workspace or whole organisation. Topics… Read more »

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Operational Management

Who should attend:   This problem solving training course is designed for delegates who are involved in activities and effective non conformity management for both internal and external concerns.This problem solving training course will help delegates develop relevant skills and knowledge for using problem solving tools and techniques within their organisation to effectively determine root causes… Read more »

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Course overview    The objective of the Six Sigma improvement approach is to reduce variation in processes, allowing a more predictable output. Industry Forum believes that Six Sigma improvement activities are most effective in environments where a foundation level of stability has already been established through Lean or Total Productive Maintenance programmes. Six sigma builds… Read more »

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Lean Improvement

Have you recognised the need to have key personnel in your organisation trained to drive your lean transformation programme? Do you need people who possess the skills to achieve ‘buy-in’ to the change process and have in depth knowledge of the lean foundation tools? The Change Agent Training programme combines the lean techniques and interpersonal… Read more »

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Sustainable Improvement programmes are built on a foundation of improving skills. The Industry Forum Real Time Workshopprogramme will equip key personnel with the knowledge and practical awareness of business improvement tools and techniques. Delivered in a practical, structured environment, the 4 day programme covers:- Quality, Cost, Delivery Measures and Data Analysis 5C/5S Workplace Organisation Understanding work… Read more »

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Manufacturing Leadership

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) teaches the core skills of effective leadership, coaching and mentoring which will improve your ability to lead effectively.

The three tiered programme is structured to be inclusive of all staff at every level of manufacturing organisations, whilst ensuring that fundamentals are cemented to create an effective bedrock to deploy strategic driven leadership development within the business.

The LDP is a unique way of effectively distilling the strategic approach of planning, execution and self awareness of an organisations current situation, whilst identifying how key improvement projects can be deployed within a designed programme to achieve bottom line benefit realisation.

This three step development programme, starting with Team Leader Essentials which ensures that the essentials are firmly embed in your understanding and are being utilised effectively to ensure operational efficiency which satisfy customer demands by honing Daily Management, Lean Foundation Principles and Interpersonal Skills.

The intermediate step of LDP is Manufacturing Manager Training, looking at advancing the Lean Tool Box, understanding leadership, coupled with financial acumen, establishing sustainability, process & policy adherence and creating a culture for change.

The advanced or executive step of the LDP is Senior Leadership Training, looking at developing and enhancing the skills & knowledge to cascade the business strategy through their departments, whilst being able to deal with variety of conflict and how to coach team members to deliver sustainable change when deploying a change programme.

LDP is a bespoke programme, usually held on your premises. Industry Forum find that real-life example projects included in your programme lead to the best results long term and ensure high return on investment for your training spend.

Overview The Manufacturing Manager Training programme is an intense and advanced level approach to management training within a manufacturing operations environment, for those who manage and support supervisors / team leaders / cell leaders. The programme has been designed in accordance with and influenced by a study conducted by the Automotive Industry Partnership, that analysed… Read more »

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Overview:  The Team Leader Essentials programme is a unique hands-on approach to leadership training within a manufacturing operations environment.The course adopts a unique approach with a real world, ‘day in the life of’ experience that teaches both the technical and interpersonal skills in a simulated factory setting.The Team Leader Essentials programme will provide you with the skills… Read more »

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Course overview:   A operational leader is someone who sees how the individual elements of an organisation fit together and work to create the larger outcome. The Senior Leadership Training is designed to give delegates the required skills and knowledge to increase operational performance at all levels of an organisation. Customer Case Study When Liberty Pressing… Read more »

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Course overview –   Autonomous Maintenance (AM) is the most distinctive feature of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), and for many the hardest to implement as it involves changes in culture, roles and responsibilities. It has two fundamental aims, the restoration and maintenance of equipment in optimum condition and the development of production team skills and engagement,… Read more »

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Course Overview:  This course gives an introduction to the concepts and principles that lie behind TPM and how to use TPM to eliminate organisational losses. Delegates will learn that TPM is much more than a maintenance technique and how it can become part of an organisation-wide improvement programme. The course focuses on the 12 Step… Read more »

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