Course overview

Statistical Process Control, or SPC, is a method for gaining an understanding of the types of variation within a process and hence guide actions to either control or reduce this variation. It is used in many industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and mobile power generation.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for Management Representatives, Implementation Teams, Internal Auditors and others who are involved in the auditing or implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Familiarity with basic statistical concepts would be beneficial but not necessary.

Benefits and Learning Objectives

SPC can be used to understand the types of variation present within manufacturing process. By understanding the types of variation present actions can be taken either to eliminate the variation or reduce its impact. If the variation is excessive the process can be stopped to avoid making nonconforming product.

It is often mandated by automotive, aerospace and other engineering primary manufacturers as a specific requirement to support the management of critical product or process characteristics. Companies that apply SPC successfully, see improved product quality, on time delivery performance and reduction in the cost of non-quality.

Delegates will become competent in implementing, undertaking and auditing Statistical Process Control concepts including variable and attribute studies.

Topics covered

  • Overview of SPC
  • Concepts of process variation
  • Understanding Common and Special cause variation
  • Charting for Variable data
  • Charting for Attribute data
  • Control limits
  • Capability calculation

Why choose Industry Forum?

Through partnerships with both trade associations and leading companies in the Automotive, Aerospace and other engineering industries Industry Forum is able to keep up to date with latest requirements in SPC.

Industry Forum can provide training and consultancy support to help embed robust SPC processes and practices into organisations.

Training can be offered either through open courses or in-house to suit the customer requirements.

Course booking details

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Further information


Richard Hammond of Industry Forum provides an overview of Statistical Process Control (SPC)