Course Overview

This course covers the training syllabus requirements of AS13000 – Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers. The AS13000 standard mandates the use of the Eight Disciplines (8D) approach to structured problem solving to provide a repeatable structured approach irrespective of customer.

The 8D approach provides organisations with a step by step approach to problem solving activities

  • D0 – Implement Immediate Containment and Prepare for 8D
  • D1 – Form the Team
  • D2 – Define the Problem
  • D3 – Develop Containment Actions
  • D4 – Identify and Verify Root Causes
  • D5 – Identify Corrective Action
  • D6 – Implement Corrective Actions
  • D7 – Define and Plan Preventive Action
  • D8 – Recognise the Team

Following a robust problem solving approach is critical to ensure that root causes are correctly identified and eliminated to prevent future occurrence of repeat issues. The AS13000 standard requires that suppliers use the 8D process to respond to a customer request for corrective and preventive action.

This course has been endorsed by Rolls-Royce civil aerospace and the AESQ as meeting the requirements for supplier training to the AS13000 standard.

Who Should Attend?

The AS13000 standard states that “The correct training of 8D practitioners is key to the successful outcome of the process. Each supplier shall employ or have access to a problem solving practitioner who has been trained by a training provider meeting the requirement of the training syllabus”.

The course is primarily aimed at those who will lead supplier 8D problem solving activities.

Benefits and Learning Objectives

The 8D problem solving approach can be applied to a wide variety of issues – quality, equipment downtime, process audit failure etc. The robust application of 8D problem solving will support:

  • Improved customer performance – quality and delivery
  • Reduced costs of non-performance
  • Improved process adherence and efficiency

Topics Covered

  • AS13000 introduction and requirements
  • Problem solving overview
  • Root causes vs firefighting
  • Problem detection
  • Problem solving and standard work
  • 8D steps overview
  • Communication and listening
  • D0 – Immediate containment, escape points
  • D1 – Form the team, effective team-working
  • Stakeholder management in problem solving
  • D2 – Define the problem
  • Data collection and analysis tools
  • Is/ Is Not analysis, functional analysis
  • D3 – Develop containment actions
  • D4 – Identify and verify root cause(s)
  • Brainstorming, cause and effect analysis, 5 Why, Fault tree analysis
  • D5 – Identify corrective actions
  • Human factors and mistake proofing
  • Visual management and standard work
  • D6 – Implement corrective actions
  • Management of change overview principles
  • Verification techniques and control plan linkage
  • D7 – Define and plan preventative actions
  • Problem solving and FMEA alignment
  • D8 – Recognise the team
  • Documentation for problem solving

Course Delivery

This highly participative course is based on a series of modules using tutorials, exercises and open forum discussion. The course is highly practical with the aim of developing effective problem solving skills that can be quickly applied in the work place.

Accreditation & Exam Information

Accreditation as an 8D Problem Solving Practitioner is through course attendance, an exam and subsequent application of the approach, tools and techniques.

Why choose Industry Forum

Through partnerships with both trade associations and leading companies in the Automotive, Aerospace and other engineering industries Industry Forum is able to keep up to date with the latest requirements in APQP.

Industry Forum can provide training and consultancy support to help embed robust new product introduction processes and practices into organisations.

Training can be offered either through open courses or in-house to suit the customer requirements.


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