Three key factors for Total Productive Maintenance success

What do we have to do to make sure our investment in TPM pays off? How can we ensure we reap the promised business benefits? We can’t give you a magic wand that ensures instant results. But we can share with you these three vital activities practised by JIPM award winning companies, such as Coca-Cola… Read more »

Autonomous Maintenance or Planned Maintenance – who takes the lead?

Both the Autonomous Maintenance and Planned Maintenance pillars of Total Productive Maintenance are used to improve production efficiency. The pillars are both centred on improving or upskilling the people so that they can improve the equipment. What you will discover when you start to deploy these pillars is that they both rely heavily on the same few… Read more »

TPM application in Fresh Food Processing

Applying Focussed Improvement and Autonomous Maintenance to increase yield and throughput   Background The client processes fresh natural raw material to prepare for further processing at another internal business unit. The process is labour intensive, but relies on a handful of key machines to keep productivity globally competitive. The site believed they were close to… Read more »