The Aerospace industry continues to see remarkable growth and long term predictions for the future are positive. In Civil Aerospace, revenue passenger kilometres are in excess of 450 billion and forecast to increase.  Demand for new aircraft has resulted in arrears of 10,000 units and unrelenting pressure for reduced fuel costs is driving additional demand for more efficient engines.

New Product Introduction continues to be strong, with more than 20 significant new aircraft and engine programmes currently in development.  These bring new challenges on materials, manufacturing technologies, supply chains and New Product Introduction skills.

Original Equipment Manufacturers are looking to outsource modules and components, leading to more complex supply chains and the need for greater capacity and capability within their suppliers.  This is combined with a relentless drive to improve Quality, Cost and Delivery performance in order to remain competitive.

The growing fleets of aircraft require expert care to keep them at the peak of performance and availability.  This is increasing the demands on Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facilities who need to respond quickly whilst minimising the cost of holding spares.

Industry Forum has been active in this complex and demanding global sector for over a decade. It continues to support aerospace companies from major OEMs to SMEs with experienced expert practitioners. A practical ‘Learn by Doing’ approach incorporating a ‘Lead, Coach, Mentor’ structure remains central to all Industry Forum solutions.  This proven approach to the transfer of key skills promotes sustainability and encourages continuous improvement.

Examples of solutions include:

  • Value Stream Transformations in manufacturing and supply chain. Typically utilising a conventional value stream map with supporting analysis.  Steps include stabilisation of the current state and design and implementation of a future state
  • Value Stream Transformations in service and engineering. Typically utilising a transactional map with analysis, current and future state methods tailored to the office environment
  • Supply Chain Solutions in the form of Supply Chain programmes hosted by a lead supplier and engaging a group of suppliers on a specific product family or commodity
  • Supplier Development, typically driven by a host OEM and deployed to engage strategic suppliers in long term development of capacity and capability
  • New Product Introduction including APQP training for practitioners and coordinators
  • Team Leader Training
  • Change Agent Training
  • Shop floor improvement

Sharing In Growth

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Industry Forum are proud to be supporting Sharing In Growth as an expert provider of Supplier Development Engineer resource as well as delivering the New Product Introduction and NVQ Diploma in Business Improvement Techniques.

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