Industry Forum has launched a new Leadership & Cultural Change Programme which will be run at its modern Learning Centre in Birmingham. The first course is due to run between 29th November 2011 and 2nd December 2011.

The Leadership and Cultural Change Programme is designed to equip leaders of teams, change agents and engineering project/programme managers with fourteen Key Skills that will enable them to lead change effectively. The programme is delivered in a highly interactive way to allow leaders to experience these skills through a variety of realistic situations. The interactive delivery model allows leaders to develop practical solutions to the challenging situations they face in the working environment whether it is a planned or unplanned period of change.

Participants may include new or experienced managers and professionals who have the responsibility for leading or working as part of a team. The programme is designed to support cross-functional, task or permanent teams achieve the skills required to implement change and develop organisational learning. The teams can include managers and professionals from all business functions e.g. Manufacturing, Purchasing, Logistics, Engineers, Sales, Human Resources, Finance and Customer Service.

For more information on the course, and to book a place on the course, contact us by emailing


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