Ever had difficulty finding the benefits of all that improvement activity on your bottom line? Perhaps you’re looking in the wrong place in the wrong timescale……..

If there are unrealistic expectations about the short-term financial returns to be made from improvements this can lead to disillusionment and a scaling down of activity just when the financial benefits are within your grasp.

SMMT IF is hosting a workshop exploring the link between improvement activities and financial performance.

This workshop will start by building a simple model of how all businesses work in financial terms and then use that model to explore the financial impact of different types of improvement activity. Concepts such as the difference between Profit and Cash Flow will be explained in straight-forward terms and the likelihood of current reporting methodologies encouraging ‘bad behaviour’ will be discussed.

As  the subject  is approached from a ‘common-sense’ perspective, the session caters for all levels of existing financial knowledge from those who consider themselves financially illiterate to those with substantial previous exposure to financial issues.

The workshop will be lead by Anne Hawkins who has worked with Industry Forum as an associate since 2003. Anne has an enviable reputation for explaining seemingly complex financial issues in straight-forward terms and is the author of a number of books including ‘Lean Means Beans’ and ‘Mastering The Numbers’.

The workshop is on 8th November 2011 and costs £50 + VAT per delegate which includes a copy of ‘Lean Means Beans’ for each delegate. To book a place online please click here

Industry Forum are preparing a range of courses in Finance to be delivered in 2012 and will be using this workshop as a means to gain feedback from delegates to ensure that these courses are tailored to meeting the needs of their clients.



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