Using TPM to help help develop business strategy


This client started their TPM journey in 2009 with the implementation of some initial pillars but they were independent and were not working collectively or collaboratively. Completion between the pillars meant that standards were often imposed and not collectively agreed or developed.  All pillars were launched together and critically they were not related or linked to the business or its strategy so they did not have a clear purpose. Measures were so numerous that it became impossible to understand and rationalise as they were all activity based. This resulted in quantity driven results and not quality driven results.

The Challenge

A corporate structure was in place but it existed primarily as a result of auditing processes and it was not directly linked with the factories. This meant that shaping of the programme was variable and each factory was reinventing what had been learnt elsewhere in the business. Internal reviews recognised that the approach was not sustainable and now the maxim of “if it doesn’t support the strategy then don’t do it”.

The Industry Forum Solution

The 2013 key management indicators objectives have been divided amongst the pillars and can then use loss analysis to identify activities and show a clear link back to the business objectives. The bottom up approach is now also being driven following some line management restructuring which enables the approach of daily management upwards, pillar strategy downwards and a meeting in the middle to complete tactical activities. There has been however, some significant improvement following the initial uncertainties mainly due to a change in the management team and an effort to direct the programme with more focus towards deliberate activities. A key decision by the management team to enable the pillar teams to focus on the priorities that will drive the business delivery has brought about a new dynamism and energy in the TPM deployment.

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