Do your team leaders need to lead, manage and motivate their team as well as improve the quality, cost and delivery performance of their area? If so, do they have the necessary team leadership skills?

Golden Team LeaderTeam leader training is a very popular request from clients and courses are usually bespoke to the client’s needs. However over the years a clear pattern has emerged in the core topics chosen to start the team leader’s journey for leading in a lean environment.

These are a mix of continuous improvement techniques and key interpersonal skills. They are designed to work together to give the team leader the ability to change behaviours and improve performance. They are also the foundation on which to build a sustainable improvement culture.

  1. Quality, Cost and Delivery Data Analysis to assess performance
  2. Eliminating waste using 7 Waste
  3. Effective communication, whether sending or receiving this is an essential core skill
  4. Visual Management of performance and workplace conditions
  5. Effective team working techniques
  6. 5S to organise the workplace
  7. Managing people through change
  8. Standardised Work to analyse work and capture current best methods
  9. Delegation
  10. Motivation

The most effective way to train people in these techniques is learning by doing. A short theory session followed by practical deployment in the workplace ensures the team leader learns about what they are aiming to achieve and the whole team see the benefits.

Bear in mind that for some of the interpersonal skills role playing simulations can be a safer way to practise and build confidence before launching yourself on the team!

As I said, this is just the start of the journey in a lean environment and no doubt you are already thinking of other essential techniques and skills that the team leader needs, probably Problem Solving, Time Management and Health and Safety are near the top of your list.

To get a good grounding in the 10 skills listed would typically take 3 weeks of training sessions phased over a 3 to 4 month period with ongoing practical deployment.

My advice is to discuss your specific needs with your training provider and tailor the content of the sessions to meet your own requirements. For more interpersonal skills and how to use them in the workplace read Deploying the 12 Interpersonal Team Leader Skills.

Let us know what skills you would need in your environment or which skills you have found most useful to you.

If you want to understand more about lean techniques visit our Lean Transformation page or contact the Industry Forum team today.