The current version of Global MMOG/LE (Version 4) was first released in 2014.

In October 2017 a global team started to review the assessment with the objective to develop an updated version considering the constant evolutions in supply chain processes and technology.

The newly created MMOG/LE Version 5 is now in its final stakeholder review activity. A group of global stakeholder s and users have been asked to provide feedback on the new version by January 25th 2019. Upon receipt of this feedback the content of the assessment can be finalised with the formal release scheduled to be within Q1 2019.

Shortly after that SMMT Industry Forum will offer a range of training options covering both the new MMPG/LE Version 5 and the new IT platform used for assessment completion and communication between Customer and Supplier.

Further details on the modifications to MMOG/LE and the creation of Version 5 can be found here:

190110 MMOGLE v5 Stakeholder_Review_Presentation

If you would like to be part of the MMOG/LE stakeholder review process please email

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