The Global MMOG/LE self-assessment should be used by any organisation that wants to gain a clear understanding of and honestly assess the performance, capability, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, robustness, scalability, and sustainability of an their supply chain management processes.

Global MMOG/LE can be used:

By an organisation to evaluate its own supply chain management processes, performance and capability and benchmark it against other organisations globally.

Between customers and suppliers to manage supply chain processes throughout the entire product life cycle, including:

  • Early product development
  • Pre-production phases
  • Post-production aftermarket/service phases
  • By an organisation as an tool for supplier selection and evaluation

The self-assessment establishes a common definition of supply chain management processes to help organizations:

  • Determine the robustness of existing internal processes
  • Benchmark supply chain operations
  • acilitate continuous improvement
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Streamline the flow of information and products throughout all tiers of the supply chain

Version 5 of Global MMOG/LE has been developed by a collective work group of Global experts to ensure the continued evolution of the process and keep it fit for today’s environment. SMMT Industry Forum is a proud member of this group and can provide the latest thinking and development of this Global process.

Version 5 is due for full release in June 2019 and introduces

  • Clear alignment with IATF 16949
  • Increased emphasis on risk management and contingency plans throughout the supply chain including a cyber security policy
  • A deeper alignment between strategies, objectives and continual improvement
  • More emphasis on minimizing or eliminating the skills gap
  • Further emphasis on systems integration and leveraging the planning system
  • Strengthen the requirements for Supplier interfaces, supplier selection and assessment.
  • Increased content on utilising full electronic exchange of data and the adoption of advanced technologies to increase performance and efficiency along with the corresponding need to recognise the requirement for cyber security practices

SMMT Industry Forum recently successfully completed the first training session for Global MMOG/LE practitioners wanting to use the latest version of Global MMOG/LE.

SMMT Industry Forum is the Odette preferred UK training provider and our trainers are deeply involved in the further developments of Global MMOG/LE. We can support through standard training courses as well as customised consulting and assessment support to meet your particular needs.

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