The overwhelming feeling when we talk about Brexit is that of confusion and an overall lack of clarity. The question on everyone’s lips – “What do we need to do?”

At Industry Forum we are committed to providing a valuable service so when you asked us for advice and clarity, we listened.

Join us for a breakfast meeting held 26th February 2019 8am-10am hosted at our Birmingham head office, where Robert Hardy, Operations Director, BREXIT Advisor and Registered Expert with EU Commission, will give practical advice and instructions on what you can and should be doing to ensure minimal disruption from imports and exports.

Robert has over 35 years of achievement in European shipping, freight and Customs clearance and will be ready to answer your questions. Since the referendum vote he has worked closely with leaders in Westminster, talked on national radio and TV about Brexit preparations and impacts.

  • Worried about the impact of potential delays and costs but not sure what you can do to manage it?
  • Concerned about processes or changes that may be needed but not clear on what you may be required to do?
  • Not sure how changes in customs transactions may impact you financially?
  • Can’t decipher what’s best for you: AEO, CFSP, CW and ETSF Approval?
  • Don’t know what to believe or what to do for the best?

Robert will discuss all things Brexit planning for import and export – giving you tips and advice on the best course of action that you can take right now to prepare for any Brexit situation.

Join us on the 26th February for breakfast and answers. 


  • 07:45am Registration 
  • 08:00am Presentation from Robert Hardy, Operations Director, BREXIT Advisor and Registered Expert with EU Commission 
  • 09:00am Q&A and breakfast served 
  • 10:00am Depart

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*SMMT Member price is £5. Please complete the form as directed to receive discounted rate. 

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