MMOG/LE is the global standard for supply chain management processes, providing industry best practices. A supplier self-assessment and continuous improvement tool, MMOG/LE facilitates improvements in materials management efficiency and accuracy, while reducing costs from errors and waste. The tool can be used by both suppliers and customers throughout the entire product life cycle, including early product development and pre-production phases, and the post-production aftermarket/service phases as an essential aid to continuous process improvement.

Referenced in Annex B of the Automotive Quality Standard IATF16949, MMOG/LE is identified as a best practice approach to Supply Chain Management. In many cases, the use of the tool is mandated by major automotive OEMs to their global supply base for self-assessment and reporting of their logistics capability.

The current version of Global MMOG/LE (Version 4) was first released in 2014 and now needs to be reviewed in order to ensure that it takes account of the constant evolutions in supply chain processes and technology.

A team of supply chain experts from Odette and AIAG member companies has therefore been assembled to define the new requirements for Version 5 of the tool.

The preliminary vectors of change for Version 5 include:

  • Risk management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digitalisation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Alignment with IATF 16949

The new Version 5, which is planned for release in Q1 2019, will quickly become the required standard for self-assessment by automotive suppliers and we expect customers to be announcing their V4 to V5 migration plans over the coming months to ensure that their suppliers have sufficient time to bring their logistics operations up to speed.

MMOG/LE intends to improve the assessment process through use of increased technology

The use of an Excel based assessment process has been in place for years and has supported MMOG/LE very well. However, with the ever increasing pace of change and improvement in communication technology Odette is working now on improving the current Excel methodology.

A modern browser based application called, which is a new platform, has been developed with MMOG/LE users from both sides of the Atlantic involved in the development and testing to ensure that the platform meets not only the current needs but prepares for the future needs of customers and suppliers in the automotive supply chain.

Based on a powerful underlying database will include the following key features:

  • Comprehensive maintenance of data
  • Dedicated functionalities for customers and suppliers
  • Unlimited number of users with controlled access
  • Multiple assessment sites, MMOG versions and Customer profiles
  • Multi-language
  • Use of previous assessments as templates
  • Import/export of assessments from and to the current Excel based tool
  • Functionalities expected from a state of the art IT tool
    • audit trail
    • user access management
    • data security will be available from Odette from Q2 2018 to use with Version 4 of the MMOG/LE catalogue while MMOG/LE Version 5 to be published in Q1 2019 will only be available on the platform.

Industry Forum is the UK official Odette Training Provider and are a leader in expertise and involvement in the MMOG/LE community. Not only that, but Industry Forum’s Mike Dickinson is chair for the European user group and is a member of the global group representing Odette.

If you require help and support from the training group which is closest to the future development of MMOG/LE Get in touch