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HR Consultancy
Industry Forum understands that the post-COVID world has presented HR personnel with new challenges. We are all required to do ‘more with less’, and
those that remain need to be skilled to be as effective, efficient and resourceful to support organisational efficiency.
Many will be required to take on new responsibilities as job roles expand, as they take on tasks previously managed by people who have now been made redundant. How can you keep your employees engaged in challenging times? Employees need to feel like they are being supported. Providing training is just one tool in the arsenal to ensure companies “survive and thrive”.

Industry Forum will:

  1. Support you to support your people.
  2. Help HR functions address the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis head on by providing expert support, to help build a positive, professional, productive team.
  3. Help move to a positive outcome with our tried and tested restructuring and outplacement approach.

IF’s HR services include:

  • Management Training, in topics such as restructuring and outplacement processes
  • General HR & Commercial Advice
  • HR Consultancy
  • Online Training packages
  • Group Training
  • Strategy support for businesses undergoing a directional change
For a confidential discussion about how Industry Forum can support your HR challenges, please contact enquiries.
Train more for less:
Industry Forum recently launched a full range of eLearning on the following topics:
The eLearning courses provide a cost-effective way of providing valuable basic knowledge on the subjects of auditing IATF 16949, core tools and auditing core tools. To help organisations provide essential knowledge of all these vital topics to a wider audience, Industry Forum provides an extensive discount when buying group or corporate licences. In addition to group discounts for corporate customers, we have now launched Industry Forum Learner Management System – IFLMS. This means that we can host our eLearning content for you or if you already have an LMS, we can provide you the files to host our range of eLearning on your existing system.
We know that managing training for large numbers of employees is tricky and can be costly. That’s why we believe that flexibility in your training partner is key. From providing white label eLearning, to developing bespoke packages for multiple seats on virtual and face to face courses, or training and implementation support packages across the year, it is always worth giving us a call to discuss the most cost-effective approach.
Outsource your induction programme with Manufacturing Essentials
Industry Forum has launched an all new Manufacturing Essentials course, which can be delivered as an off the shelf course, attended in our dedicated learning centre to certify the skills of up to three members of your team, or it can be tailored for the individual organisation’s specific requirements and delivered on your site, to provide an outsourced induction process or a dedicated programme to achieve large scale upskilling of your manufacturing team.
This training programme provides delegates with the opportunity to practice the skills required to successfully work in a manufacturing environment. Delegates will gain the necessary skills, through learning and practice, relating to daily management, Lean techniques, and Total Productive Maintenance, ensuring efficient operations in achieving goals. The skills gained will enable delegates to understand the core principals of everything from problem solving to continuous improvement.
LATEST NEWS: Employers urged to direct redundant staff to free government training courses
UK employers should play a leading role in directing redundant staff to the most suitable government-funded training courses, says Industry Forum, a training provider for manufacturing and supply chain businesses.
Free government training is available, according to certain criteria, for those made redundant from their jobs. This could be a vital boost to the estimated 730,000 (and growing) workers who lost their jobs between March and July 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including those from some of the UK’s largest companies. The number of unemployed is expected to rise after the government’s furlough scheme ends in October.
Guide to supporting outgoing team
If you’re making redundancies, it can be hard to know how best to support the outgoing members of your team. In order to support HR professionals, Industry Forum has developed a guide for what to do next and how individuals could access funding for vocational and occupational training. Please feel free to share this link with your team or copy the contents into your own documentation for outgoing members of staff. If you would like to discuss training support packages for your team, please get in touch.
Available funding
There are a number of regional funding opportunities available and Industry Forum is in a unique position where we can recommend routes to available funding. One of these is the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Levels (NMCL) programme, which utilises government funding to support improvement and competitiveness activities within Automotive and Aerospace manufacturers. Click here to find out more.