Total Productive Maintenance.

4 M Condition:

Ensuring product is manufactured under optimum conditions for the machine, material, method and man.

Makigami Analysis:

Makigami Analysis is a method of concentrating on business processes and seeks to improve process efficiency by eliminating waste in the process.

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF):

MTBF is a measure of equipment reliability and a glide path to zero breakdowns.

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR):

MTTR is a measure of the ease of repair of equipment and the efficiency of our maintenance labour.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness):

OEE is a performance metric compiled from three data sources of the machine (or process) being measured. The three data sources are Availability, Performance and Quality.
Availability – Compares the actual time a piece of equipment is actually available to produce parts in comparison to the planned available time.
Performance – Compares the actual amount of product processed relative to the maximum amount that could be processed within the available production time.
Quality – The proportion of the product from a process that is right first time with no scrap, rework or concession to accept outside process tolerances.

PM Analysis:

PM Analysis is an advanced problem solving tool that focuses on understanding the Phenomenon (P) and the Mechanism (M) of a defect or failure.

Condition Based Maintenance:

A Condition Based Maintenance approach looks to understand the current condition of components and how close to failure those components are to determine when physical maintenance should take place. Non-invasive techniques such as thermography, vibration analysis or lubricant analysis are used to measure parameters that directly indicate the level of wear.

Maintenance Prevention (MP):

This term means designing and building equipment that is excellent in reliability, maintainability and economy from the outset.

Time Based Maintenance:

A Time Based Maintenance approach triggers the maintenance of components at a set frequency defined by component history and is managed using a maintenance calendar. The calendar is updated as improvements are made and maintenance data increases.