Large modern storehouse with some goodsAs customer and consumer expectations rise, so does the need for more efficient and responsive supply chains. The flexibility and scalability required for high value-added consumer goods are setting new performance standards for industrial products and production. Manufacturing firms must adapt quickly to remain competitive otherwise an inefficient, poorly functioning supply chain will impact negatively on every aspect of a business.

Embedding the ability to assess supply chain capability accurately, and select and collaborate with the best partners, gives you a competitive edge. Customers are already insisting on network-wide visibility and control. They will expect tier-one to tier-three operations to demonstrate globally competitive performance.

APICS_ChannelPartnerTypical Supply Chain issues

  • Failure to classify and select the right supply chain partners as part of new product introduction causes a lifetime of pain
  • Sub-optimised inventory profiles resulting in high inventory carrying costs
  • Inability to meet customer demand due to supply chain constraints
  • Heavy reliance of employees on systems and little or no understanding of supply chain management processes
  • Daily shortage lists and expediting activity
  • Frequent violations of frozen periods and planning horizons
  • Poor demand management and forecasting producing forecasts that everyone adjusts but nobody believes
  • Ineffective capacity planning both internally and within the supply chain
  • Master data management and data accuracy created by a lack of understanding of the importance and physical impact of incorrect data
  • Multiple disconnected data sets and plans at multiple levels outside ERP systems
  • No cohesive cross-functional sales and operations planning (S&OP) process discipline
  • Failure to understand and properly exploit in ERP and CRM software as capabilities to support supply chain management processes

Each or any combination of these will jeopardise business performance; undermine your competitive position; increase cost-to-serve; lower return on assets; create customer or employee dissatisfaction; and cause a loss of market share.

How Industry Forum can help

Based on internationally recognised standards and best practices our experts help manufacturers and their suppliers get to the root causes of poor supply chain performance. We can develop recommended action plans, provide expert advice and guidance and implement improvements while building the capabilities of your team.

Supply Chain Insight Paper cover Supply Chain: The Missing Link
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Supply Chain Management Services from Industry Forum

Having led many successful supply chain transformations for 20 years, Industry Forum consultants have the experience and knowledge to make a decisive difference quickly.

We provide expertise in….

  • Supplier or chain performance/competitiveness measurement, assessment & diagnostics
  • Supply chain management processes
    • Demand management
    • Supplier planning
    • Material requirements planning
    • Capacity planning
    • Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planning
    • Master scheduling
    • Orders management
    • Production planning & control
  • Supply chain optimisation – ensure decision making maintains a balance between capacity, costs, inventory and service level
  • Demand and supply management – achieve efficient sales, operations and planning processes to enable high on-shelf availability and reliable order fulfilment
  • Agile supply response – improve the response capability of your business to short-term changes in demand or supply and ability to manage external disruptions
  • Building capabilities of  Supplier Development Engineers, Supplier Quality Engineers, Supplier Performance Engineers and Supplier Technical Engineers
  • International standards – understand and apply international standards such as ISO/TS 16949, AS9100, VD6.3, MMOG-LE, AIAG APQP & PPAP, Odette etc

Typical Supply Chain Management projects for us

  • Supply base and/or individual supplier performance and competitiveness evaluation
  • Immediate supplier issues containment and resolution
  • Supply chain process mapping, re-design and implementation
  • Supplier quality engineer and supplier development engineer training programmes
  • Materials management and logistics assessment
  • Sales and operations planning process development and implementation
  • Supplier performance improvement programmes

Fast Facts

…Globally, transport is running at 20% empty and annual logistics costs are rising, on average, 5-8% per year….

…Emerging markets accounted for about 35% of global GDP in 2010. But over the period to 2025 they forecast to provide 75% of GDP growth…

…Increasingly manufactured products are blended with service offerings – a trend which favours the UK with its large and growing business services sector…

….Supply chain management software continues to develop. SAP, Oracle, and Infor all have now integrated real-time analytics into a real-time decision making processes…

What next?

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