When you launch manufacture of a new product do you achieve volume production that is right first time every time, on time in full, at the right cost? Many companies across both high and low volume manufacturing sectors struggle to launch and ramp up new product manufacture successfully.

During the last five years Industry Forum has worked with over 50 companies across the automotive, aerospace and civil nuclear sectors to help them improve their New Product Introduction (NPI) approaches to deliver Launch Excellence. The New Product Introduction for Launch Excellence model below has been developed to capture in a simple manner the structure of activities and pillars that are required to assure success

An effective NPI process can drive an organisation’s growth plans as part of business strategy (Figure 2). Considering product life cycle stages, revenue from existing products in business will decline over a period of time. Business revenues are expected to increase with defined growth targets. This situation of declining revenue from existing products and expected revenue increase aligned to growth targets generates a gap to be filled by new product introduction. An effective NPI process will help us to answer common questions like:

  • Are we likely to achieve our business growth targets with existing NPI opportunities in hand?
  • What level of business development effort is required to achieve our growth targets?

Figure 2. New Product Introduction link to business strategy

New Product Introduction link to business strategy


Common NPI challenges and how can we help?

Topic Examples Benefit Timescale
NPI Technical Assessment


  • Missing current state comparison to a benchmark NPI process
  • Missing structured identification of opportunities aligned to business needs and a defined gap closure plan
  • Missing independent assessment of NPI practices in current state
  • Detailed and structured current state NPI assessment
  • Key strengths and areas for improvement identified
5 days

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NPI Process Development
  • No existing structured NPI process
  • Existing NPI process
    • not fully implemented
    • not clearly defined roles and responsibilities
    • does not achieve quality, cost or delivery targets
    • implementation approach not scalable
    • no standard supporting structure (tools / templates)
    • not linked to performance measures
  • An efficient and effective NPI process structure available to deliver quality new products, on time and at the right cost
4 days (optional implementation support)

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Measures to sustain NPI performance
  • Right measures for NPI process are not available other than measure of product delivery and quality in the end
  • NPI process and performance measures are not used to drive business development and sales opportunities
  • Resource management and profitability is not very clear for NPI projects
  • None or very limited visual management for NPI performance
  • NPI management system available to measure NPI performance and drive customer satisfaction
2 days

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NPI Project Management
  • Need project management principles awareness in teams
  • Need project manager role to be established (coaching required for identified individuals)
  • Need project planning skills with work breakdown and activity planning
  • Need effective project / programme monitoring and reporting
  • Need stakeholder management and communication
  • Ensuring NPI projects are and continue to be viable and achievable
Tailored to meet your requirements

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Change Management in NPI
  • Impact of customer design changes not fully captured
  • Team suffers from “scope creep” on NPI projects
  • Changes on project are not controlled and documented
  • An effective project change management process is available to control changes on NPI projects
2 days

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Risk Management
  • Need risk management principles awareness in teams
  • Risks are not identified until they become issues on NPI projects
  • Risks are identified but not fully mitigated
  • Missing an overall structured risk management approach
  • An effective risk management process is available to control changes on NPI projects
2 days

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Learning from experience
  • No effective process for capturing lessons from NPI projects
  • Missing or limited knowledge sharing across projects
  • No defined structure and frequency for lessons review
  • An effective lessons learned process is available for knowledge sharing on NPI projects
2 days

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Core tools for manufacturing process design, verification and validation
  • Skills development required in the team for effective use of FMEA, Control plan, SPC and MSA
  • Practical application of core tools not working in cross functional team environment
  • Skills development and practical implementation of core tools for NPI projects
Tailored to meet your requirements

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“Industry Forum’s best practice knowledge transfer, has been integral in allowing us to align our business processes, to create a position of strength for our business to lead the way forward to achieving our goal of >99% OTIF.”

Mark Walker, Co. Managing Director, Walker Precision


Industry Forum have been a massive asset in providing us with an NPI process which will provide benefits for our business and better service levels to our customers. They have completely re-structured our approach and guided us through developing a multi-disciplinary process with a structured gated process and introducing a RACI culture. The whole team has remained engaged and is looking forward to rolling out the finished process. We have already seen benefits were we have introduced a part mature process to currents projects. The training is excellent, engaging and we already know it will provide huge benefits at Middlesex Aerospace.

Kevin Mould – Business Development Manager, Middlesex Aerospace


“Using a series of structured workshops, Industry Forum have been helping us developing a new and improved NPI process. From the diagnostic phase to the step by step implementation, IF have guided and advised us on industry best practice. More importantly they brought the focus needed to drive such improvement program.”

Remy Steenbakker, Technical Manager, Sigmatex UK

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Industry Forum can provide a range of improvement solutions across your organisation’s entire manufacturing operations. We don’t offer one single-standard solution, instead we get to know your organisation, your people and the environment within which you operate; before working with you to find an approach that is tailored to your requirements, meeting your needs and addressing your most pressing challenges.

Industry Forum can provide you with a range of expertise to support initiatives from large NPI programmes across a multi-site organisation to single projects in an individual plant. Industry Forum has a proven record of helping manufacturers of all sizes achieve their NPI goals.

From design right through to implementation we pride ourselves on our ability to transfer the necessary skills to your people and to ensure that you benefit from tangible and sustainable improvements to your business.


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