Organisations that want to be successful in the long term must operate safely, make a profit and achieve customer satisfaction. An Industry Forum Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programme supports this by:

  • Making production more economical by eliminating accidents, quality defects and breakdowns
  • Meeting demanding customer requirements by eliminating losses, allowing the production of a high variety of products in small batch sizes that equal consumer demand
  • Reducing costs by maximising equipment efficiency, raising labour efficiency, improving resource consumption and building a flexible production system that is responsive to changes in demand


The Total Productive Maintenance Approach

TPM is an approach to achieve improvement in high volume, highly repetitive organisations such as process industries and equipment-orientated mass-production environments.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a structured approach to deploy a comprehensive set of tools and techniques in order to eliminate all losses across a whole organisation and throughout the value stream. TPM involves the capabilities of the whole workforce to ensure effective and sustainable improvements are implemented. Improvements to the organisation are made by improving the two core elements of people and equipment.

The 8 Pillars of Total Productive Maintenance

The Industry Forum approach is based on the 8 Pillars

and the 12 Step Deployment Model, aligned to the JIPM awards.

A deployment diagnostic is carried out first to determine the individual customer requirements, and a masterplan is then developed with the senior management team to ensure the programme is tailored to the organisational goals, culture and current performance levels.

The Industry Forum style is a ‘Learn By Doing’ approach to people development. We coach teams to develop their own solutions with guidance where appropriate. This develops the understanding and ownership of the improvement solutions.


Typical improvements
  • Productivity: 150-200% OEE increase
  • Quality: 90% internal defect reduction
  • Cost: 30% manufacturing cost reduction
  • Delivery: 50% inventory reduction
  • Safety: Achievement of zero accidents
  • Morale: 10 fold increase in suggestions
  • Environmental: Reduction in use of resources 


“We fully support SMMT IF efforts to promote “true authentic” TPM. They have developed comprehensive training materials adopting a “learn by doing” fully aligned with current JIPM thinking”

Mr Satoshi Suzuoki, Managing Director, JIPM



Industry Forum working with Owens Corning to implement TPM to increase plant and process reliability
Industry Forum’s CEO, Dr Chris Owen, talks about Industry Forum’s TPM capabilities

Client Testiomonials

“We started the TPM journey using the JIPM model  one year ago using the support of Industry Forum. After the initial training and setting up the TPM organisation structure we started the autonomous maintenance deployment in the mixing room. We thought that equipment was maintained in good order, but when the AM team looked in detail many issues were found. With the support of the operators we have been addressing all the issues found and now are starting to see the benefits. As well as improved employee motivation, we have seen tremendous improvement in reduction in the cost of poor quality by 30% and reduction in breakdowns by 10%.

Adrian Wojciechowski, Philips Lighting, Pila, Poland

“Industry Forum has been supporting The Findus Group with our company wide improvement programme based on the principles of Total Productive Maintenance. The IF team have effectively engaged local teams while supporting our agenda centrally & have interacted with all levels of the organisation, from Line Operators to Board Members ensuring alignment & understanding. Using the “Teach-Coach-Mentor” structure has enabled us to build our own internal capacity so we can identify and deliver real QCD improvements. The learning by doing model means we have direct experience of using approaches such as focused improvement and autonomous maintenance which have generated immediate savings for us.”

Mark Noakes, Findus Group Manufacturing Excellence Director

Industry Forum provides an overview of the JIPM approach to Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

TPM-BookAn overview of Industry Forum’s structured approach to TPM along with Case Studies, TPM Training Courses, TPM seminars and Workshops as well as Industry Forum’s Consultancy Structure can be found in the Total Productive Maintenance Overview (Low Res – 2.5mb). A High Res copy can be downloaded here (6mb). You can also view the document as a digital edition.

Download the Industry Forum Total Productive Maintenance journey to sustainable success infographic.

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