iStock_000019542278MediumManufacturing Operations govern how a business uses labour and machines, tools, processing, or formulation to add value to material and produce goods for sale.

The top 3 pressures on manufacturing operations are the need to reduce overall cost; control escalating energy and commodity prices and stay ahead of global competition.

Unpredictable demand and the challenges of value-added manufacturing with shorter, lower level production runs call for new, more agile approaches to operations. Industry Forum has a proven record of helping leading companies achieve operational excellence. We show you how to deliver on your customer promise, across international and global markets, at the lowest possible cost of manufacture.

Typical issues in Manufacturing Operations

  • Struggling to keep up with customer demand or schedule changes
  • Ineffective operational leadership at Team Leader, Section Manager or Group Manager levels
  • Inability to meet quality, cost or delivery performance targets
  • Poor understanding of material, information flow and process performance
  • Inability to sustain improvements or process discipline on the shop floor
  • Persistent losses – Start-up Losses, Setup and Adjustments, Speed Losses, Idling and Minor Stoppages, Reduced Speed Operation, Defect Losses and  Scrap and Rework
  • Lost time due to accidents, breakdown or defects and inadequate maintenance tracking schedules
  • Failure to achieve the right split of responsibilities between operations staff and maintenance staff

How Industry Forum can help

Use our consultancy, interim and training capabilities to transform the performance of your manufacturing operations by:

  • Understanding the performance of manufacturing operations and pinpointing operational strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying and prioritising the key areas of improvement for maximum impact
  • Working with you to manage the change and implement improvements
  • Developing workforce capabilities to underpin and sustain improvements

Manufacturing Operations Services from Industry Forum

Let us challenge conventional thinking to help you achieve exceptional results. Services include:

  • Facility rationalisation and manufacturing expansion
  • Corporate manufacturing system (lean/operational excellence/TPM) development and implementation
  • Manufacturing process and organisational design
  • End-to-end value stream transformation
  • Kaizen, focussed or manufacturing cell level improvement
  • Operational leadership development for Team Leads, Section Managers & Group Managers
  • Containing and fixing immediate manufacturing issues

Our approach is based on a blend of Lean, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and six sigma methodologies to suit individual customer requirements.

Typical manufacturing operations projects for us

  • Factory layout, transformation and turn-around
  • Improving operational leadership capability on the shop floor
  • Running Kaizen events across multiple manufacturing locations globally
  • Developing and implementing global manufacturing systems for corporate clients
  • Supplying capable resource on-demand to fix urgent manufacturing issues
  • Implementing lean and TPM methodologies from cell level to corporation level

Fast Facts

…Best in class manufacturers regularly achieve 97% On Time Delivery [OTD]; 89% Overall Equipment Effectiveness [OEE]; 97% Raw Material Utilisation…

…Using a high degree of focus across a two year period OEE can shift from under 40% to over 70% – effectively doubling the productivity of capital…

…Value engineering has been adapted to be a powerful globalisation strategy by a number of leading Chinese companies…

What next?

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