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Course Overview: 

This half-day, certified e-learning course has been designed to introduce metrology – the science of measurement – and explore its value for industry, the economy, science and society. It introduces practical guidance that will help trainees to improve measurement procedures within their day-to-day work and support successful everyday measurements.

Who should attend: 

Those working in measurement or related roles, on the manufacturing shop floor, inspection departments and apprentices.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Identify what metrology is and its value to macroeconomics, quality of life and science.
  • Differentiate each of the seven SI base units and the methods currently used to realise them.
  • Recognise the value of the international metrological infrastructure, organisation and distinguish the concepts of ‘traceability’ and ‘calibration’.
  • Apply fundamental practical guidelines, essential for good measurement practice


Delegates will receive an NPL Certificate of Completion.

Course Booking Details: 

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Important information

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Virtual Class Technical Requirements

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  • A PC or laptop with good (1Mbps or more) internet access
  • A microphone and speaker or headset (recommended)
  • Webcam (preferably)
  • A Chrome web browser
  • Ability to access Google drive (you do not need a personal account but your laptop / PC must not block access

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