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Duration: 2.00 days

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Course overview:  

In many ways you can compare launch excellence to rocket science. Coordination of activities that need to happen at predefined moments and to a certain standard is not an easy task. To get the fundamentals right, companies need to work on a standard approach for launch excellence. Successful implementation would depend on the required skills existing in cross functional team. 

Common challenges

  • Implementation of best practices do not necessarily size with business needs
  • Growth targets defined but not necessarily path linking into launch excellence
  • Tools supporting best practice are used but do not provide business benefit
  • One size fits all process does not adapt to different complexity of NPI
  • Erratic quality, cost and delivery performance of product launch

Expected Benefits of this course

  • An understanding of launch excellence model in product lifecycle
  • Understanding the role of each process pillar in delivering launch excellence
  • Understanding of stable foundations linking NPI to business strategy
  • Reflection of current day to day practices in line with launch excellence model

Who should attend:  

This course is suitable for anyone involved in implementing, managing or directing new product launch within an organisation

Topics covered:  

  • Product lifecycle overview
  • NPI Pillar model for launch excellence

An introduction to:

  • Stable foundations for NPI
  • NPI process pillar
  • NPI Project management pillar
  • Design excellence pillar
  • Manufacturing process design pillar
  • Product and Process validation pillar
  • Supply chain readiness pillar

Benefits and Learning Objectives:  

  • Overview of launch excellence in product lifecycle
  • Understand support of Industry standards related to NPI
  • What do we do well in our current practices for launch excellence?
  • What processes could we look to improve in our practices for launch excellence?

Why choose Industry Forum:  

Industry Forum helps major global manufacturers understand, optimise and improve both manufacturing capability and business performance.

An integrated team of consultants and practitioners – all seasoned expert engineers with multi-sector manufacturing experience – Industry Forum brings together a world-class combination of improvement competency, insight, process and best practice.

Spanning automotive, aerospace, consumer appliance, electronics and food sectors, for over 20 years Industry Forum has planned and delivered some of the world’s most consistent and successful transformations for business-critical manufacturing operations.

Our trainers are expert practitioners in Project Management skills and disciplines with hands-on industrial experience and highly developed communication skills.

They have a wealth of technical expertise and often provide on-site advice and coaching. During every course we will encourage collaboration and sharing of practical experiences, ensuring learning can be put into context and empowering delegates to apply their new skills successfully in their workplace as well as making sustainable improvements.

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