Introduction to Geometrical Tolerancing

Course Overview:  The ‘Introduction to Geometrical Tolerancing’ course provides the knowledge and skills to enable the fundamental understanding of theory and practice of geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing. For this reason, this course is specially targeted at the design community new to this field. This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of Geometrical… Read more »

Introduction to Measurement and Metrology

Course Overview:  This half-day, certified e-learning course has been designed to introduce metrology – the science of measurement – and explore its value for industry, the economy, science and society. It introduces practical guidance that will help trainees to improve measurement procedures within their day-to-day work and support successful everyday measurements. Who should attend:  Those… Read more »

Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty

Course Overview:  This half day, certified e-learning course explores measurement uncertainty and related concepts. The course consists of a series of multimedia presentations, exercises and an extensive selection of additional content, all delivered through a self-paced learning experience. Track your progress, assess your knowledge and receive immediate feedback on how much you have learnt. Learners… Read more »

Dimensional Measurement User

Course Overview:  In this training course, learners will be introduced to dimensional metrology and the importance of good measurement practice and the right measurement behaviours. This is a EAL approved qualification is a wwo-day course consisting of 6 modules with ~2.5 guided learning hours. NPL completion certificate. Who should attend:  For those looking to use… Read more »