A New Product Introduction is by its nature a new product to the business. It is often mistakenly assumed that we cannot predict the issues we may encounter because it is a new product. The concept of learning from experience is useful to ensure that lessons learned on previous projects can be captured, understood and acted upon for any future similar situations.

The skill required to apply a generic-level solution to a specific problem can be learned and developed through training in system-level thinking and setting up a structured method to capture, review and act on knowledge gained from similar circumstances in other projects.

What is covered?

  • Generic issue/System-level thinking approach
  • Learning review method, organisation and facilitation
  • Formatting documents to capture learning
  • Accessing previous lessons learned effectively
  • Determining when to hold learning reviews
  • Root cause solution implementation

Expected benefits

Introducing a formal Learning from Experience approach will result in reduced issues discovered at later stages of projects when it is more costly and time consuming to fix. It will reduce reactive time spent re-engineering product or process designs as well as reducing rework and scrap at the production phase, which will reduce overall project lead-time. It will also reduce frustration and allow a pro-active approach to resourcing within project teams.