Your Manufacturing Leadership have a significant effect on the sustainability of all improvements made in your workplace. This is why Industry Forum have developed the following range of programmes designed to concentrate on the practical deployment of lean techniques within their own work area alongside the key interpersonal skills they need to lead a team effectively.

Team Leader Essentials

Manufacturing Leadership - Team Leader Essentials

The Team Leader Essentials programme is a unique hands-on approach to leadership training within a manufacturing operations environment.

The course adopts a unique approach with a real world, ‘day in the life of’ experience that teaches both the technical and interpersonal skills in a simulated factory setting.

The Team Leader Essentials course is designed for Functional Heads, Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors within a Manufacturing Operations environment.

The training is intense and is suited to highly motivated individuals with ambitions to make an impact inside their organisation.

This unique training programme provides delegates with the opportunity to practice both the operational and behavioral skills required to successfully lead a manufacturing operations team. Those who participate in the programme will:

  • gain the necessary skills to manage the daily operations of a team within a manufacturing environment
  • learn how to enable your team to achieve the required production quality, cost and delivery targets by maintaining standardised working methods
  • enable delegates to set expectations by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, motivating people both as teams and as individuals with a focus on learning management actions required to pinpoint performance levels and maintain team effectiveness

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