The Industry Forum Operational Skills Programme is designed to establish current skills gaps, select and deliver relevant modules to equip leaders at all levels in the business with the skills to lead change effectively. The programme is delivered in a highly interactive way to allow leaders to experience these skills through a variety of realistic situations. The interactive delivery model allows leaders to develop practical solutions to the challenging situations they face in the working environment whether it is a planned or unplanned period of change. The programme incorporates recognised models to help illustrate the effectiveness of each skill area and the potential impact on behaviour.

 The Leadership Skills Analysis covers 14 areas:

  • Coaching
  • Managing Conflict
  • Delegation
  • Leadership Behaviour and Styles
  • Effective Communication
  • Perceptions of Others
  • Facilitation and Training Skills
  • Project Management
  • Motivation
  • Team Working
  • Learning and Learning Styles
  • Team Readiness
  • Managing Change
  • Time Management

The programme can be delivered as a standalone intervention or in conjunction with other Industry Forum products or services.


As part of a bespoke programme we offer ongoing individual coaching or mentoring support to reinforce the deployment of the skills as a link to continued professional development. The programme can be integrated with your own organisations people strategy and leadership model to contextualise the ‘change’ language.

Participants may include new or experienced managers and professionals who have the responsibility for leading or working as part of a team. The programme is designed to support cross-functional, task or permanent teams achieve the skills required to implement change and develop organisational learning. The teams can include managers and professionals from all business functions e.g. Manufacturing, Purchasing, Logistics, Engineers, Sales, Human Resources, Finance and Customer Service.


Client Reviews

“UYT Ltd recognised the requirement to develop its front line managers. IF was the only provider able to offer the ‘hands-on’ training approach required to make a sustainable change to the organisation. This will help us with the stability and flexibility we need to achieve our business goals”

James Handyside, Director – Engineering & Operations, UYT Ltd.

“The feedback session from our first workshop will stick with me forever. Our people no longer accept change, they make it happen with a smile on their face! This type of training when done well is absolutely vital for the continued growth and prosperity of the UK manufacturing sector”

Lee Philp, Operations Development Director, Assa Abloy UK


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