iStock_000002048166MediumMaterials and Logistics govern the management, movement and storage of material to create in-bound and out-bound flow. The rising cost of transport and global trading are both having a major impact. Investing in approaches that optimise materials management can yield significant returns.

As well as maintaining a consistent flow of materials for production, Materials Managers must resolve issues such as incorrect bills of materials, inaccurate cycle counts, un-reported scrap, shipping errors, receiving errors and production reporting errors. By reviewing your systems and practices, our consultants can develop strategies and solutions to help you.

Typical Materials and Logistics issues

  • Failure to exploit both lean and agile systems and skills
  • Rising logistics costs due to sub-optimal inbound and outbound transportation
  • Workforce development strategies disconnected from main operational goals
  • Poor tracking of often costly materials
  • Inefficient warehousing, picking and packing operations
  • Lack of attention to detailed packaging planning i.e. returnable packaging
  • Inability to fulfil fast turnaround orders
  • Insufficient or inacrurate inventory visibility and control

How Industry Forum can help

Whether you need a high level road map, detailed analysis or an inventory optimization plan let Industry Forum ensure maximum ROI. We can help you…

  • Ensure materials visibility
  • Eliminate data inconsistencies
  • Streamline and optimise practices and processes

Materials and Logistics Services from Industry Forum

Our Materials and Logistics consultants will focus attention on analysing and improving the components that are essential to effective logistics. Services include:

  • Extended value stream mapping
  • Inventory cost baseline analysis
  • Site and facility process layouts
  • Supply process design and training
  • Materials management assessment training
  • Lean management and 5S implementation programme
  • Warehouse and facility redesigns

Let us help you gain control of your supply processes. Reduce costs from inventory carrying, premium freight, rework and  line stoppages; cut lead times; and increase inventory visibility.

Typical Materials and Logistics projects for us include

  • ERP implementation
  • Lean Management and 5S implementation programme
  • Warehouse and Facility Redesign
  • Preventive Maintenance

Fast Facts

…Companies are being challenged to provide a wider array of products in smaller quantities and with a higher percentage of home delivery—all amid high landed costs for last-mile distribution…

…At least 50% of the world’s population currently lives in densely populated urban areas. They will be the centres of increasing demand in the next decade…

…Real-time interfaces to inbound shipments, manufacturing systems and other endpoints in the supply chain are becoming essential…

…Experts believe that every logistics system needs to work to make scheduling more efficient – good performance won’t just  happen running software on default settings…

What next?

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