We can perform VDA 6.3 rev3, 2016 audits for you, supporting you with first (internal) and second (suppliers) party audits.

Some reasons why you might like to outsource (subcontract) your audits:

  • There needs to be an independent assessment of your manufacturing process;
  • To increase competencies of your team by pairing them with experienced auditors;
  • You expect new customers and want to check your process (gap analysis) before investing in internal competencies;
  • You don’t have spare resources for internal audits;
  • You want to independently asses your suppliers;
  • German customers do not make up your main customers, therefore, a high expenditure on achieving qualifications does not make for sound investment.


Our auditors will develop, together with you, an audit program that suits your organisation, should it be a one off exercise or a longer cooperation.  This will be crafted individually to your current needs.

If your customer is VW, we will utilise necessary additional VDA 6.3 audit content as per Formel Q Capability Appendix.

Our Team:

We have a team of experienced VDA 6.3 auditors, who are also licensed by VDA QMC trainers and IATF witness auditors.

We have years of experience with a variety of manufacturing processes, including forging, casting, welding, machining, a range of painting techniques, galvanic coating,  stamping, electronics assembly etc.

How we do it:

  • Plan of audit activities with the client – on site/remote;
  • Develop individual audit agenda – remote;
  • Perform the audit – on site;
  • Discuss findings – on site ;
  • Present report – on site/remote;
  • Support corrective actions definitions (if required);
  • Evaluate effective actions implementation (if required).

Contact us to schedule your audit