Improving Aerospace Manufacturing Competitiveness July Newsletter

   In this update…  Industry Forum courses recognised by the Aero Engineer Supplier Quality strategy group New Product Introduction for Launch Excellence Japan Best Practice Visit – Learn how true world class manufacturing operates AS9145 APQP and PPAP training courses Free Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Checklist Sign up to our free industry update here  … Read more »

Industry Forum Summer Newsletter 2015

Industry Forum provide keynote speaker at Edwards Limited Supplier Development Day On 7th May, 2015 at the NH Collection Hotel, Olomouc in the Czech Republic, Industry Forum’s Richard Hammond, Global Systems Manager, was the keynote speaker at the Edwards Limited annual Supplier Development Day event. The event, which attracted over 100 delegates, from 32 supplier… Read more »

Industry Forum Newsletter Spring 2015

Automotive Council UK hosts Low Volume Premium Product Manufacturers Event On 21st April 2015 The Automotive Council UK successfully held the Low Volume Premium Product Manufacturers Event at Williams F1 Conference Centre, with the purpose of attracting new suppliers into the automotive sector through cross sector collaboration. The Event, a joint collaboration between Industry Forum,… Read more »

Industry Forum Newsletter Winter 2015

Picking the right partner in New Product Introduction: VDA 6.3 Finding the right partner for a New Product Introduction (NPI) project is never easy. Fortunately there is an important and very relevant tool that deserves to be much better known. This is the Audit Standard VDA 6.3 which is a standardised procedure for process audits… Read more »

Industry Forum Newsletter Summer 2014

Delphi Automotive sees benefits of AMSCI funding With 1.5 million vehicles and 2.5 million engines produced each year, the automotive industry is a leading sector in the UK economy, and Delphi Automotive is a key member of its supply chain. The manufacturer boasts an annual turnover of £9.8 ($16.5) billion, and its subsidiary company, Delphi… Read more »

Industry Forum Newsletter Spring 2014

  Industry Forum Hosts JCB Academy Challenge On 8th April 2014 Industry Forum proudly played host to 36 students from The JCB Academy for the SMMT Industry Forum Automotive Challenge. The JCB Academy students were tasked to design, build and launch a 1:6 scale vehicle made from a selected range of materials and components. The… Read more »

Industry Forum Newsletter Winter 2014

Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) 2 Update The Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative 2 (AMSCI 2) bid successfully secured £9.6M of funding through the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), against a total spend of £35.4M within the UK Construction Equipment supply chains in December 2011. This funding is available for Suppliers within… Read more »

Industry Forum Autumn 2013 Newsletter

Industry Forum appointed as ‘First Provider’ for Aerospace & Nuclear Sharing in Growth programmes Industry Forum is proud to have been selected as one of the delivery partners for the innovative and ambitious Sharing in Growth programmes in the Aerospace and Civil Nuclear sectors. Both of these programmes will raise the capability of progressive UK… Read more »

Industry Forum Summer 2013 newsletter

It’s TPM all the way!! In an ever increasingly competitive global market the only way that companies in the manufacturing and process sectors can survive is to become more efficient. For many years tools such as lean manufacturing, 5S, value stream mapping and six sigma have been used to reduce waste. While these tools may… Read more »

Industry Forum Spring 2013 Newsletter

The UK Industrial Strategy At the end of March the UK Industrial Strategy took a major step forward with the publication of sector strategies for aerospace, civil nuclear energy and oil and gas. By 2040 70% of the UK’s energy requirements will still be met by oil and gas. However,  the recent performance of the… Read more »