A fresh start with Supply Chain training and consulting support

Supply Chain Training We offer a range of courses from basic introductions to advanced certifications covering all aspects of Supply Chain Management. Whether it’s physical logistics, a broad understanding of Supply Chain theory of inventory management or professional globally recognised certification, we have a course to suit you.   For more detail take a look… Read more »

Japan Best Practice Study Tour 2018 review

Japan Best Practice Study Tour 2018 This year Industry Forum relaunched the Japan Best Practice Programme.  This is a manufacturing best practice study tour where senior leaders and change managers can witness first-hand some of the best examples Japan has to offer. The week long Study Tour included four manufacturing visits to World Class facilities,… Read more »

Supply Chain: The Missing Link

Supply Chain Insight Paper cover

An Industry Forum Insight Paper into Supply Chain Management of the future looking at supply chain technology, corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the supply chain as well supply chain risk and resilience.   Download paper  

New Manufacturing Models in New Product Introduction

The Current Scene The Industry Forum Manufacturing Advisory Group (MAG) met recently to consider current trends in the development of new manufacturing models in New Product Introduction (NPI). MAG reported that NPI timescales including the timetable for ramp up to volume production continue to be more and more compressed.  MAG also observed that NPI these… Read more »

Supply Chain Success

  It is a common understanding that some of the most effective businesses globally devote a great deal of attention to managing and developing their supply chains. In recent years the Government, the CBI, the Automotive Council and the All Party Manufacturing Group have all published important reports and studies of the performance of the… Read more »

Guidelines for Automotive Suppliers of Low Volume Premium Products

These guidelines have been put together for the use of current and potential suppliers into the automotive supply chain. It is intended to be used as an aid to understanding what an automotive customer will expect in terms of service and documentation and explain why this is the case. The guide has been constructed with… Read more »

Applying Lean to NPI

Introduction “Lean” has been applied to a wide variety of manufacturing processes for many years. It began to be defined in the automotive sector, but has since expanded into a wide variety of manufacturing environments. Increasingly the approach and tools are being applied in service industries such as retail, finance and healthcare. The application of… Read more »

Solving The Productivity Puzzle

Introduction The UK productivity puzzle continues to be in the news, partly because the bald facts are so startling. The UK economy’s long term productivity growth trend (around 2 percent per year) has deviated from a standard growth curve from 2008 since and has flatlined. The UK in competitive terms is now apparently weaker than… Read more »

Coping with the relentless pace of New Product Introduction (NPI)

The most common reason for a new product to fail is that it doesn’t find a market on the anticipated scale even though the total global annual spend on new product development is estimated at $1 trillion currently. This amounts to over $150 for every person on the planet. New Product Introduction (NPI) is built… Read more »