Response Time Spirals

QRM is a strategy for reducing lead-times across all functions of an organisation, the resulting improvement in speed and responsiveness providing the organisation with a competitive advantage. Many well-known Lean Manufacturing tools have been developed for high volume/low variety, or ‘mass production’ environments. Think of techniques such a Pull Systems, Kanban, Line Balancing and Heijunka … Read more »

Successful launch of Industry Forum’s Free NPI self-assessment

The big question for many organisations starting on NPI improvement journey is: What should they do first? A good starting point is to complete an internal analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses. This approach can be both more cost effective and can help to prioritise improvement activities. To facilitate this internal analysis, a robust self-assessment… Read more »

The Importance of Measurement Systems Analysis

As we all know IATF 16949 requires us to carry out Measurement System Analysis to analyse the variation present in the results of each type of inspection, measurement and test equipment system identified in the control plan. IATF clause:- Measurement system analysis. The NOTE attached clarifies focus on:- Prioritization of MSA studies should focus… Read more »

Product launch excellence delivered with project management principles

For almost any manufacturer, accelerating the time to market of new product introduction is a key strategic imperative within the constantly changing nature of today’s market environments. Aspirational growth targets are fundamental to future business strategy and a large part of achieving this growth will involve the introduction of new opportunities and new products into… Read more »

Spring Clean Your Business and Clear Out Your Dead Stock

As we welcome in the new financial year for many companies, it’s time to spring clean your stores and refresh your inventory policy. “The holy grail of Supply Chain is having the right stock of the right product is ever elusive…you’ll never get it right 100% of the time – but you can get close… Read more »

Layered Audit Process

It is important to validate all processes and controls to ensure that they are fit for purpose and in full operation. As an example IATF 16949 requires us to conduct Internal Audits at system, Manufacturing process and Product levels covered in the following clauses:-. Quality System Audits Manufacturing Process Audits Product Audits…. Read more »

What is Daily Management?

Daily Management is concerned with completing ‘a day’s work in a day’.  To be successful managing day to day we need to manage the following; work demand must be clearly understood which generates the plan. The plan has to be appropriately resourced with people, equipment, materials and information. Performance against the plan must be clear… Read more »