The tale of the team and the newt

  Do you find that no matter how hard you try you always seem to have some people who refuse to join in with your improvement initiative? How do you deal with them? Well here is a really useful analogy I learned from my training days with the Nissan, Toyota and Honda master trainers. It… Read more »

Hit daily targets AND make improvements? You must be joking, right?

Today’s managers are under tremendous pressure to meet delivery targets with less and less resource, let alone meet the changing demands of the customer. Shorter deadlines, smaller delivery quantities, tighter quality standards and all of that cheaper please! Who needs the added pressure of lean improvement programmes or a Kaizen event? Releasing people from their… Read more »

Top 10 Skills for Team Leaders in a Lean Environment

Do your team leaders need to lead, manage and motivate their team as well as improve the quality, cost and delivery performance of their area? If so, do they have the necessary team leadership skills? Team leader training is a very popular request from clients and courses are usually bespoke to the client’s needs. However over… Read more »

4 keys to simplifying all the lean methodologies

We all know how easy it is to get bogged down creating detailed guidelines, slavishly following stepped structures and learning new terminology. Over the years I have deployed many lean and Total Productive Maintenance techniques across a wide range of businesses. Recently it occurred to me that instead of creating ever more complicated explanations it’s… Read more »

6 Steps To Success in NPI

Check if your New Product Introduction process features these 6 basic success factors. Before you start buying expensive design software or other automated tools to speed up your NPI process, have you examined your process procedures? Having studied and helped a variety of manufacturers, from build to print suppliers to innovators who launch to market,… Read more »

Government and automotive industry start the motor on £30 million skills investment

Government is joining forces with leading UK automotive manufacturers to boost skills across the sector, inspire the next generation of vehicle makers and create new routes into automotive careers. Business Secretary Vince Cable announced £11.3 million of government funding alongside £2.8 million cash investment and £16.4 million in-kind contributions from industry. The project, developed through… Read more »

Automotive SPICE (by VDA)

IATF 16949

General Information In 2005, the industry-specific standard Automotive SPICE®, derived from the new ISO 15504 International Standard (IS) for software process assessments, was published by the Special Interest Group Automotive. This mandatory method is consulted more and more as an objective process evaluation and for the process improvements resulting from it on the project and… Read more »