We are still here; when and how you need us

Published on January 7, 2021 Following the national lockdown announcement earlier this week, IF would like to assure its customers that: IF remains open and available to support you through the challenges faced; the team can be contacted via the website or on 0121 717 6600, our standard operating hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm IF will continue to provide training and… Read more »

Learning Delivered Differently

A recent survey, carried out by The Open University, found that half of all UK roles have been affected by the pandemic and that a change in skillset may be required for as many as five million employees. As such, a quarter of the UK workforce is taking part in online training to boost their… Read more »

How to Make a Plastic Bottle Wormery at Home

What did the worms ever do for us? Published April 2020  Just speak to any parent of school age children right now, and they will tell you that keeping the kids interested in learning during lockdown, with all the distractions of the home can be challenging, at best. However, we think this is also a… Read more »

What is Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)?

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a strategy for reducing lead-times across all functions of an organisation. The resulting improvements in speed and responsiveness increase the organisation’s agility and responsiveness, resulting in competitive advantage.   Many well-known Lean Manufacturing tools have been developed for high volume/low variety, or ‘mass production’ environments. Think of techniques such a… Read more »

Common Problems with AS9145 PPAP

During my career, I have had the privilege to work for a major proactive OEM that has been a significant driving factor in the advancement and development of aerospace quality standards, one of which is AS9145 – Aerospace Series – Requirements for Advanced Product Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process. There have been a… Read more »

Finding Your Balance

  Line balancing as a technique is most usually applied to assembly lines, where products can move easily from work station to work station in sequence, often one piece at a time. The principle of line balancing is very simple; ensure that you have allocated and arranged sufficient production resources (machines, manpower, time) for each… Read more »

New Product Introduction Essentials

The Changing New Product Introduction (NPI) Environment The environment in which new products are introduced today is constantly changing. Factors contributing to this change in NPI operating environments are: Ever-increasing product complexity Demanding regulatory bodies Shifting workforce needs Complex value chain Shrinking product release cycles On the other hand, initiatives to drive a quality culture… Read more »

The Year of Learning and Development

2020 is now well and truly upon us, and many Learning and Development (L&D) functions are putting together their plans for the year ahead. We all know the benefits of training for both the employer and organisation. For most, these are a given and few would deny the generic benefits, which include:   • Improved… Read more »

Things to Watch Out for in 2020

The year 2020 is going to prove to be a very interesting year regarding Quality Management Systems and supporting standards within the Aerospace sector. These are my predictions for the year to come. Many organisations within the Aerospace sector, including OEMs and key Tier 1 suppliers are now upskilling their own internal teams with respect… Read more »

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a methodology for maximising value through minimising mistakes. Mistakes generate costs – cost of reworking a part made incorrectly, cost of losing a customer, efficiency losses, cost of making scrap, cost of unnecessarily complicated procedures etc. All businesses have these costs driven by wastes in their processes – and the costs can… Read more »