Flying Forward – the aerospace industry’s vital role in the UK economy

The ADS, which is the premier trade organisation for all companies operating in the Aerospace,Defence, Security and Space sectors, has just launched a major campaign – Flying Forward.  The campaign was launched on 17 January in the Strangers’ Dining Room in the House of Commons. Business Minister, Mark Prisk, delivered the key note speech. Emma… Read more »

Towards a National Employer-Led Skills Pilot

On 17th November 2011, the Prime Minister announced a new pilot initiative to move towards an employer-led skills system, committing up to £250 million over the next two years to test this new approach. The central aim of the employer ownership pilot is to give businesses the space to step up and develop new and… Read more »

High Performance Working (HPW)

The idea behind High Performance Working (HPW) is central to much current discussion on boosting UK economic competitiveness and growth. The UK Commission on Employment and Skills define HPW as: ‘a general approach to managing organisations that aims to stimulate more effective employee involvement and commitment in order to achieve high levels of performance… designed… Read more »

UK inward investment and the growth of the UK manufacturing sector

UKTI promote UK exports and inward investment. They have funded research into the comparative performance of UK domestic owned and foreign owned manufacturing firms by Richard Harris from Glasgow University which has thrown up some remarkable trends. The study which was published in 2009 finds that between 1984 and 2005 the number of employees in… Read more »

Rebalancing The UK Economy – The Importance Of The Skills Dimension

In November 2010 the UK Commission for Employment and Skills started research on rebalancing the UK economy, sectorally and spatially to identify the possible role of, and implications for, skills and employment policy. The project also covered the rationale for government intervention to build a strong and sustainable economy, balanced geographically and sectorally. The results were published in August… Read more »

The UK Renewable Energy Sectors

The UK Government is committed to increasing the proportion of UK energy from renewable sources since it regards climate change as one of the gravest threats facing us. The drive to increase the proportion of energy obtained from renewable sources will  increase the security of energy supplies in the UK and will also provide opportunities… Read more »

The UK Food & Drink Industry

Within the European Community, the food and drink industry (excluding primary agriculture) is the largest manufacturing sector with some 300,000 enterprises employing around 4.7m people. Germany has the largest share in terms of total value added with just under 18% of the European Community (EC) total but the UK is not far behind with a… Read more »

The Future of European Manufacturing

The current Euro crisis has an important manufacturing competitiveness dimension. Nations with different levels of competitiveness are operating with the same exchange rate which favours the more competitive nations in international markets for manufactured goods; however this poses a serious burden on the less competitive nations. Germany has already become the largest manufacturing exporter in… Read more »

VDA 6.3 Process Audit – an in-depth manufacturing process audit tool

The German trade association for the automotive industry is known by the initials VDA (Verband der deutschen Automobilindustrie E.V.) and given the size and importance of the automotive sector within the German economy it enjoys a good reputation and substantial influence. In 1997 the VDA set up a Quality Management Centre (QMC) for the benefit… Read more »

The Aerospace sector and its opportunities in the UK economy

Aerospace is a major engineering, manufacturing and service industry within the UK, significant on both a European and a global scale. It employs over 100,000 people directly, and over 220,000 indirectly, and is one of the UK’s largest exporters adding around £2.8 billion annually to the UK balance of trade. Besides famous name global companies… Read more »