New Product Introduction – The bridge between business strategy and manufacturing operations

For almost any manufacturer, accelerating the time‐to‐market of New Product Introduction (NPI) is a key strategic imperative within the constantly changing nature of today’s market environments. Aspirational growth targets are fundamental to future business strategy and a large part of achieving this growth will involve the introduction of new opportunities and new products into the… Read more »

Higher UK Productivity With Updated Skills

The UK is not alone amongst advanced countries in facing a productivity challenge currently. The sixteen most developed countries in the world economy are reporting a sharp drop in total factor productivity (TFP) in the current decade compared with the rate of increase achieved in the noughties up to the crash in 2008. TFP relates to… Read more »


          5,000 jobs vacant in UK automotive due to skills shortage New Automotive Council report reveals depth of skills shortage facing the sector. Up to 5,000 current vacancies in the automotive industry causing significant impact on business operations.1 Groundbreaking new Automotive Council report sets out skills requirements for UK automotive sector,… Read more »

Japanese Perspectives on Manufacturing Strategy

Malcolm Jones, Principle Engineer at Industry Forum,  has over 20 years experience in lean.    One of the less well known groups I studied with while undertaking my education in Japanese manufacturing practices was the TP Management Group at the Japan Management Association. TP Management, Total Productivity Management (not to be confused with TPM, Total Productive Maintenance), is an overarching policy deployment practice which incorporates Lean, TQM, TPM et al as required…. Read more »

Progress with UK Manufacturing

Rebalancing the UK economy following the crash of 2008 is widely understood as a desirable national goal. The recent progress of UK manufacturing can be assessed via the Annual Business Survey data which Office for National Statistics (ONS) have just released covering the period from 2008 to 2014. It shows that manufacturing gross value added (GVA) increased by £7.8bn… Read more »

Supply Chain Risk Management

Risk management is part of the portfolio of most firms. For example, contracts are always instruments to share risk between the parties. Or again, risk management should shape audit strategy and be the bedrock of health and safety practices. Product design includes risk management methods such as failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) which is a core tool… Read more »

Risk Management

The future has always been uncertain, prone to surprise us. We all learn to live with this condition with more or less success. Where large sums of money are at risk a more systematic approach has grown up. One example is audit where a risk based approach has been adopted. Auditors examine those parts of… Read more »

The Ongoing Success of the Indian Automotive Sector

The Indian online newsletter,, has just run an article on the progress of Mercedes in India. In 2007 the company acquired a 100 acre site in Pune. Currently 80% of the Mercedes cars sold in India are produced locally. Capacity has been doubled in the course of 2015. Sales in 2015 are 34% up… Read more »