For over 20 years now, Industry Forum has successfully advised and implemented a broad range of tailored strategic and business improvement solutions such as Lean, Six Sigma and TPM within many clients, from Blue-Chip Companies, Small and Medium Enterprises to Public Bodies across various industry sectors.

Customer Quotes

“The standard of implementation we’ve achieved is very high and that was largely due to the support received from Industry Forum. The knowledge and training that has been passed onto our people has been invaluable in getting that culture of continuous improvement.”

Gareth Berry, Vice-President, Global Operations/EMS, Electrolux

“The scheduled visits every six to eight weeks to come into the facility really team with us and help us do all that is required to ensure we understand we are on track with the programme.”

Chuck Taylor, Plant Manager, Owens Corning, Jackson Tennessee Facility

“Our whole supply chain group improved in OTIF from 75% to 100% and delivered quality from 1500ppm to 750ppm”

Chris Plumb, Vice President – Operations and Supply Chain, Goodrich Engine Controls & Electrical Power Systems

“All in all we have measurably improved the bottom line and empowered our staff to drive improvements forward.”

James Simpson, Managing Director, Adrian Scripps Ltd

“It has been a great experience to work with Industry Forum these last two years. We’ve been learning a lot…it’s a great partnership and we’re ready to share our experiences with other business within the group.”

Luis Martins, Vice President, Global Operations, Glass Reinforcements, Owens Corning

“It is not just the achievement of the solution, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, but the learning of methodologies through team work that will have long lasting benefit to ourselves and our customers.”

Alan Charles – Quality Manager, Renold Gears

“The Goodrich Electric Power Systems business is now in year 5 of a 5 year business turnaround, we are on plan to do this and Industry Forum has been a significant contributor to our success, we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Emmett C.I. Team

“One of the key things that they bring to the table is the diversity of companies that they’ve worked with allows them to support you in ways of the experience from other industries.”

Chuck Taylor, Plant Manager, Owens Corning, Jackson Tennessee Facility

“Because of commitments to other programmes at the time, we had to carefully consider whether to support this initiative, but chose to go ahead because of the reputation of Industry Forum. Now that we can see the great results, we are committed to rolling out the tools and techniques across the rest of the business.”

Richard Higginson – Maxpower Automotive Limited