Competitive advantage through manufacturing excellence

Industry Forum helps major global manufacturers understand, optimise and improve both manufacturing capability and business performance.

An integrated team of consultants and practitioners – seasoned expert engineers with multi-sector manufacturing experience – Industry Forum brings together a world-class combination of improvement competency, insight, process and best practice.

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Hands-on help in all the areas you need

Working with your team, engaging at every level, Industry Forum engineers deliver competitive advantage and sustainable results in three practical ways.

  • We analyse and transform manufacturing and supply chain operations by providing expert consultants and interim resource skills
  • We inspire and train your key manufacturing and operations staff
  • And we audit, benchmark and monitor business performance

Efficiency and clarity across your critical operations

Step-change business improvement starts with a best-fit solution strategy; one size does not fit all. We work with you to determine your priorities, creating a bespoke, realistic programme to deliver precisely what you need. By combining definitive operational data with best practice protocols, we engineer improvement across your manufacturing operations quickly and with confidence.

Why choose Industry Forum?

 Operational Integration

“Working in Partnership with Industry Forum is enabling Rolls-Royce to develop a standard methodology for creating a successful capable supply chain for the 21st century.”

Malcolm James, Supplier Development Manager, Rolls-Royce plc

“The key to success is getting sustainability and it was after one or two years as we started to see the culture change moving towards a culture of continuous improvement that we knew this approach was working for us.”

Gareth Berry, Vice President, Global Operations/EMS, Electrolux


Robust Execution

“Industry Forum has been supporting The Findus Group with our company wide improvement programme based on the principles of Total Productive Maintenance. The IF team have effectively engaged local teams while supporting our agenda centrally & have interacted with all levels of the organisation, from Line Operators to Board Members ensuring alignment & understanding using approaches such as focused improvement and autonomous maintenance which have generated immediate savings for us.”

Mark Noakes, Findus Group Manufacturing Excellence Director

“The standard of implementation we’ve achieved is very high and that was largely due to the support received from Industry Forum. The knowledge and training that has been passed onto our people has been invaluable in getting that culture of continuous improvement.”

Gareth Berry, Vice-President, Global Operations/EMS, Electrolux


Attainable Results

“Our whole supply chain group improved in OTIF from 75% to 100% and delivered quality from 1500ppm to 750ppm”

Chris Plumb, Vice President – Operations and Supply Chain, Goodrich Engine Controls & Electrical Power Systems

“All in all we have measurably improved the bottom line and empowered our staff to drive improvements forward.”

James Simpson, Managing Director, Adrian Scripps Ltd


Business Value

“They go above and beyond ensuring that the trainer supplied during the process was meeting the needs of our facility”

Chuck Taylor, Plant Manager, Owens Corning, Jackson Tennessee Facility

“It is not just the achievement of the solution, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, but the learning of methodologies through team work that will have long lasting benefit to ourselves and our customers.”

Alan Charles – Quality Manager, Renold Gears


Proven Capability

“Achievement of ISO/TS16949 will now allow us to tender and win new business, giving tremendous opportunities for the future…We could not have achieved this without the help and support of SMMT Industry Forum.”

Matthew Kershaw, Project Manager, Setco Automotive UK Ltd


Leading Expertise

“One of the key things that they bring to the table is the diversity of companies that they’ve worked with allows them to support you in ways of the experience from other industries.”

Chuck Taylor, Plant Manager, Owens Corning, Jackson Tennessee Facility

“Because of commitments to other programmes at the time, we had to carefully consider whether to support this initiative, but chose to go ahead because of the reputation of Industry Forum. Now that we can see the great results, we are committed to rolling out the tools and techniques across the rest of the business.”

Richard Higginson – Maxpower Automotive Limited

Get in touch and talk to us

Industry Forum can provide a range of services to help improve your organisation’s manufacturing.  We don’t offer one single standard solution, instead we get to know your organisation, your people and the environment within which you operate before working with you to find an approach that is tailored to your requirements, meeting your specific needs and addressing your most pressing challenges.

Industry Forum can provide you with a range of expertise to support initiatives from large manufacturing improvement programmes across a multi-site organisation to single projects in an individual plant. Industry Forum has a proven record of helping manufacturers of all sizes achieve their operational goals.

From design right through to implementation we pride ourselves on our ability to transfer the necessary skills to your people and to ensure that you benefit from tangible and sustainable improvements to your business.

What next?

For further information and an initial confidential discussion of your needs, please call +44 (0)121 717 6600 or email us today.


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