Supply Chain Solutions

During recent years customers and suppliers have started to see the benefits of working more closely together, this has proved to be far more effective than the adversarial ‘arms length’ relationships of the past.

Today, supply chain development means much more than simply overcoming isolated supplier problems in a piecemeal fashion with the risk of mixed messages from different functions within the customer and suppliers. Throughout all sectors of industry, there is a growing appreciation that even the best companies are only as strong as the weakest link in the whole supply chain.

For products and services to be competitive in the global market, the whole supply chain needs to work together to;

  • Deliver Customer value
  • Continually achieve high Quality and Delivery performance
  • Introduce new products within short time to market
  • Be environmentally sound
  • Drive sustainable continuous improvement

Ultimately the supply chain builds Strength through Partnership

Supply chain solutions with Industry Forum begin by assessing and setting improvement strategy and goals. This includes analysis of current and future supply chain impact to the host organisation against a number of key variables, resulting in a comprehensive improvement plan.

The plan will focus on three key areas:

  1. Internal purchasing/logistics effectiveness and efficiency improvement activities will be run to ensure your own house is in order. We will also train your people during these activities so they are prepared and capable to engage the supply chain
  2. Supply chain performance improvement activities commencing with analysis of current situation followed by implementation of activities to deliver QCD benefit. Supplier change agents will be trained to implement sustainable improvements
  3. Gaining benefit from supply chain partnerships by identifying and realising improvement opportunities across the entire supply chain


Client Reviews

“Working in Partnership with Industry Forum is enabling Rolls-Royce to develop a standard methodology for creating a successful capable supply chain for the 21st century.”

Malcolm James, Supplier Development Manager, Rolls-Royce plc


“Our whole supply chain group improved in OTIF from 75% to 100% and delivered quality from 1500ppm to 750ppm”

Chris Plumb, Vice President – Operations and Supply Chain, Goodrich Engine Controls & Electrical Power Systems


“Thales and up to 10 key suppliers worked together as a team to improve performance across the supply chain. Under Industry Forum guidance the approach was well prepared, meticulously planned and executed in a timely and effective manner. Their ‘can do’ attitude encouraged the team to achieve group savings in excess of £1.5M and 100% delivery to the end customer.

Alan Haigh, Supply Chain Director, Thales Optronics ltd




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